"An Unconventional Approach to Separation Anxiety"

Are you familiar with the CSAT approach to separation anxiety cases? If you are, and have been implementing it with your own separation anxiety clients I'm sure that you have found that this approach has a high rate of success, and I hope that you are feeling great about helping so many dogs and their families to successfully overcome this challenge. This approach is wonderful, and I personally implement it all the time and have lots of success doing so. 

During my journey as a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer I have realized more and more how all dogs benefit from a balance between predictability and flexibility. How beneficial is each of these parts of the puzzle, and in which amount will depend on each dog, and finding the right combination of both will ultimately set the dog (and us) up for success.

For the dogs who benefit from predictability over flexibility, the conventional training protocol can prove to be challenging, and it can lead to inconsistencies in the progress. Dogs who count steps, who learn that getting up makes the guardian come back earlier and earlier, or for the ones who just have a hard time grasping not knowing exactly when the guardian will return, an unconventional and more predictable protocol can make all the difference!

During this 90-min webinar we will discuss a specific case study where we successfully implemented an unconventional approach to separation anxiety within the same frame of the desensitization protocol that you are already familiar with. And where increasing predictability, among other things (always considering an integrative approach) was a game changer that got us from a 3-min absence where we had been stuck for over a year to a current 45-min absence duration. 

If you would like to expand your knowledge about how to implement different nuances of the classic separation anxiety training model depending on what is more beneficial for each dog, this webinar is for you! 

It is recommended to be familiar with the CSAT separation anxiety desensitization protocol before taking this webinar.

This webinar was live on Wednesday, June the 22nd at 2pm EST, and included a 60-min lecture plus 30-min of Q&A. You can now watch it ON DEMAND.

Meet Moira

Dr. Moira Hechenleitner, DVM, CSAT graduated from Mayor University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2007, in Santiago, Chile. She is a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT), with a postgraduate in Animal-Assisted Therapy. Dr. Hechenleitner is a founding board member of the Chilean Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT Chile) and has spent the last 14 years offering consultation services for pet owners and teaching courses to dog trainers. She is a speaker on the topic of separation anxiety, giving seminars internationally in English and Spanish. Moira currently resides in Noank, Connecticut and helps dogs and their families from all over the world overcome separation anxiety.

What is included?

  • 60-min lecture (recording)

  • 30-min Q&A (recording)

  • One year access to the webinar recording

  • 1.5 CEUs for CCPDT, 1.5 CEUs for IAABC and KPA